Feed Your Mobile Apps

FeedMob is the first 100% self serve mobile advertising platform that allows you to drive new users for your iOS and Android apps on demand. Stop waiting for other people to get the results you need and start driving quality users yourself.

We’re Fixing Mobile User Acquisition

How can you make sure your mobile user acquisition budgets are used to their fullest potential? No one cares more than you.


We Tell You Exactly Where Your Ads Are Run

Our dashboard gives you full transparency into which inventory sources are providing you the most value so you can decide exactly where to buy.

Our Algorithms Support Your Ultimate Decisions

We have the best machine learning algorithms out there but you still know your audience the best. We give you the tools to feed your ads to the highest quality users.

Launch Whenever You Need To

Whether it is 9PM on Saturday or 2AM on Monday, Feedmob’s self-serve solution allows you to dictate exactly when and how your campaign goes live.

The Feedmob Solution

FeedMob is a simple self serve tool that enables any app developer or user acquisition manager to buy ads directly in tens of thousands of other apps. By plugging into the largest mobile supply side platforms, we put the power of mobile real time bidding directly at your fingertips.

How It Works


Create your mobile app install campaign in a few simple steps. The campaign will be live in less than 24 hours.


Our mobile advertising platform taps directly into tens of thousands of apps through real time bidding and automatically searches and finds users that match your target and shows them your ads in other apps. We are 100% non-incentivized which means we only drive quality users for you.

Monitor & Optimize

Sign into our powerful self-serve dashboard to see how your campaign is performing. We know you like control so we built a fully transparent way for you to bid on inventory.
Key Features

No Setup Fees

We take a transparent 20% fee that is baked into ad spend which is 1/2 of the industry average. We pass this savings to you so you can drive maximum efficiency.

Tiny Budget Minimum

Start with as little as $25. Our goal is to let you choose how and when to spend and not force anything.

Self Serve Real Time Bidding

Our self serve platform taps directly into tens of thousands of applications through programmatic bidders. We are the only place you can directly access this massive inventory in a matter of seconds.
Ads We Run

We only focus on ad units we know drive performance in order to reduce wasted ad spend.

Native Ad
Interstitial Ad
“I love the idea of being able to fully control where my user acquisition dollars are being spent. Lack of transparency is a huge problem out there, so for me FeedMob is a no brainer.” Marcus Lee

User Acquisition Manager, Game Circus LLC

The Team

Our team is comprised of mobile advertising veterans who helped build some of the first mobile user acquisition platforms in the market. We have driven millions of installs across every genre of mobile application and are here to change the industry from the ground up and provide simple but powerful tools directly to our advertisers.  

Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan


Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley


Ken Lu

Ken Lu


“User acquisition for a smaller app startup like WunWun is really frustrating. Not only are we extremely budget conscious but the big ad networks won’t even reply to our emails. Besides Facebook, there is nothing really available that is self serve and easy to use. Really looking forward to using FeedMob when it launches!” Calvin Lai

CTO, WunWun Mobile App

Stay In The Know

We’re actively coding away and building a product just for you. Please sign up below and we’ll make sure to let you know when we’re live!

Have a question?

Drop us a line at hello@feedmob.com.

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