Driving Lower CAC for a Large E-commerce App

June 20, 2024


When an e-commerce app approached FeedMob about finding new mobile ad inventory to meet aggressive CAC targets, we knew we were up to the task. The app has a user journey that requires users to sign up and then make a real-world purchase—such as buying a grocery store item—before providing proof of purchase to get cashback rewards (main conversion event). To achieve an aggressive CAC for such a complex user journey, our team leaned on an exclusive partnership with Samsung. 


FeedMob’s exclusive partnership with Samsung provides featured placement for our clients in the Galaxy Store. Advertisers get access to more than 117 million devices across the United States and roughly 35 million monthly active users. With performance-based pricing and the flexibility to pause at any time, advertisers can test premium inventory with little risk. 

We began by promoting banner ads in the Galaxy Store before moving on to push notifications that reach Samsung’s entire audience. We also consulted with the client and Samsung on creative optimization, testing a variety of themes and calls-to-action until optimal performance results were met. We quickly met the client’s registration goal, and while the main conversion event takes 7-14 days to complete, we have been successful there as well.


Thanks to the Samsung partnership, FeedMob lowered the registration CPA by 50%. We also adjusted the banner messaging and promo codes to bring down the CAC by 47% for the client’s second conversion event—a more complex down-funnel KPI. Overall, we have seen a nearly 12x increase in total registrations since November and a roughly 6x conversion rate since December. The client continues to increase the investment with FeedMob to maximize the already impressive performance.


Average conversion rate increase


Increase in total registrations


Below target CAC Goal CVR

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