Using VTA to scale mobile campaigns

March 14, 2023


Scaling mobile user acquisition campaigns outside of search and social is challenging for even the most seasoned app marketers. With a wide variety of channels and partners to choose from, even large global brands require assistance when it comes to vetting partners and finding the channels that work best for their goals. For example, a large global brand recently turned to FeedMob for assistance with scaling its mobile campaigns and increasing its conversion rates.


Click-through attribution (CTA) may be the ultimate goal when it comes to understanding campaign results, but strategically employing view-through attribution (VTA) can help user acquisition marketers scale campaigns. So when this large global brand turned to our team of experts for help, we suggested a strategic combination of DSP traffic and VTA. By incorporating VTA, we were able to drive more installs and post-install actions.


Ultimately, we found that VTA traffic drove significantly more installs and post-install events (PIEs) than traditional click-through banner campaigns. Over the course of two months, the client saw event-based conversions from VTA increase their key goals (KPIs) by an average of 90%. Impressively, VTA also drove a 130% average spike in total conversions across all events (not just key events) during the specified time period.

90% ⭡

Increase in KPI goals


Increase across all events

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