How FeedMob helped a large brand’s app scale with new inventory sources

December 19, 2022


To find scale, performance marketing teams at well-known brands typically need to arduously search for users in new inventory sources outside of major channels. This was the case for a well-known client who provides convenient services to customers, with features competitive to peer apps in their market sector.


To find specific users for the app’s ideal target audience, FeedMob integrated this client into new sources of inventory, focusing specifically on scaling carrier and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.

Our team tested a variety of audience segments and analyzed their performance using our proprietary KPI dashboard. By leveraging this tool to provide insight, we were able to identify top-performing device and audience segments; this allowed us to reallocate spend to the sources that reached the client’s goals. With site-specific bidding, we were able to maintain scale without over-optimizing.

To limit risk for our client, we leveraged our tools to structure pricing based on performance. OEM carriers typically sell on a cost-per-preload basis, however, FeedMob was able to absorb this cost, charging our client on a cost-per-install only if a user opens the app.

KPI Dashboard

Impact and Results

Ultimately, OEM placements drove higher sign-ups and conversions. From January to July, our client’s pre-load conversion rate went from 4.45% to 9.05%. Although we observed a 0.15% average CVR across other supply types, carrier traffic had an outstanding 6.5% CVR which boosted our overall conversion rate. On top of all of this, OEM drove a more efficient CPI, going from $6.03 at the start of the campaign to $3.13, an almost 50% decrease.




decrease in cost

FeedMob was able to successfully execute against a high-value, low-cost strategy for our client while still reducing risks associated with OEM placements. Our team’s ability to leverage first-party technology coupled with the strategic insights around our client’s needs led us to successfully drive campaign scale and reach goals more effectively.

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