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The foundation of our platform’s success is built on direct client feedback. Our product team proactively collaborates with some of the largest global spenders to build tools responding to their needs as data-driven marketers.

FeedMob Product Dashboard KPI Tool
Mobile Anti-Fraud Platform
FeedMob Mobile Anti-fraud Dashboard Click Distribution and VPN Chart

FeedMob’s anti-fraud platform processes over 2 million installs and more than 60 million post install events every month. Some of these metrics include your campaign’s click-to-install time and IP address analysis as well as any suspicious, non-human behavioral patterns.

Mobile Analytics Platform
FeedMob Mobile Analytics Dashboard Campaign Compare Tool

Our mobile analytics platform visualizes big data and maps attribution automatically.

Our KPI and optimization tool not only tracks conversions, but assesses multiple, layered KPIs. These KPIs include cohort retention, ROAS and engagement rates.

Proprietary Tools
The FeedMob Engineering team at a development retreat in Malaysia.

Our tools are made using the agile development process, allowing for real time feedback and the ability to quickly respond to the latest trends in mobile fraud and analysis.

FeedMob proudly builds and improves first party technologies with our dedicated engineering, product and data teams.

The People Behind the Product
Our development team is made up of the best engineers in mobile.
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