Complementary Campaign Risk Assessment and Exposure Analysis
Our team assesses current performance and makes recommendations based on custom goals and KPIs. Every member of our team is extensively trained in mobile fraud and campaign consulting.
Custom Media Plan Delivered to Your Team
Once engaged, we build an extensive plan for your campaign's success, based on our vendor assessment and scorecard system as well as recommendations from our data team. Plans are tracked and presented during quarterly business review meetings.
Collaboration without Confusion
Our team provides a single point of contact for all vendor communication, streamlining correspondence across dozens of media partners. This ensures that we have a clear, collaborative approach to campaign success.
Campaigns Launched and Tracked in Real Time
Our team ensures successful performance with real time analytics, informing us of any issues as they arise; we work in conjunction with your MMP to optimize your campaign and deliver transparent results.
Investment Protection and Performance Optimization that Meets Your KPIs
Our team always has your campaigns' success at the forefront of our minds, whether it’s observing the latest fraud trends on our install decay graph or optimizing ROAS. Proactively delivering make-goods has saved new clients an average of 15% on their campaign spend.
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