FeedMob’s MMP SKAdNetwork Attribution Flows

July 12, 2022

We know that attribution can still be confusing, especially since Apple introduced SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and forced user acquisition marketers to relearn everything they know about iOS campaigns.

As is so often true in the dynamic mobile space, the changes just keep coming. In June, Apple announced a new round of changes and once again took a concrete stance on fingerprinting. Some mobile industry veterans are critical of the lack of enforcement of fingerprinting, while others speculate how a real ban may play out.

In either case, as we previously reported, user-level probabilistic allows us to continue tracking goals and events more or less the same as we did prior to ATT for FeedMob — but the future of probabilistic is uncertain. When only aggregated advanced privacy is enabled, we can still track clicks, installs, and events, but we lose the ability to connect these to one another through a unique identifier (i.e. click ID). With this in mind, it’s important to diversify your growth strategy — check out our recent whitepaper for more on the importance of diversification — but SKAN experimentation is equally important.

The importance of diversification and experimentation

Let’s face it, you can’t avoid SKAN forever, and the key is to be prepared. Waiting until Apple bans probabilistic matching to get your SKAN strategy in place can only lead to unnecessary stress.

Here at FeedMob we work with all the major MMPs and have developed the tools and processes necessary to ensure accurate, transparent attribution through SKAN — and we figured it was high time to explain it to you. Let’s start with a look at our typical attribution flow:

iOS (probabilistic) and Android attribution with FeedMob

With that in mind, let’s look at how the combination of SKAN and different MMPs impact how we are able to attribute clients’ campaigns.

Attribution post-IDFA

User acquisition campaigns come in many shapes and sizes — and so does attribution. As Apple continues to improve and enhance SKAN, iOS attribution will undoubtedly get more user-friendly but if you want to scale your spending and meet your performance goals, diversifying your campaigns is integral to success. From the ever-popular probabilistic to the return of mobile web campaigns, FeedMob has you covered. So let’s explore what attribution looks like post-IDFA.

SKAN attribution

SKAdNetwork with FeedMob

MMP Dashboard attribution

MMP Dashboard attribution with FeedMob

Hybrid attribution

Hybrid with FeedMob

View type attribution

View Type Attribution with FeedMob

Mobile web attribution

Mobile Web attribution with FeedMob

Attribution may have grown more transparent in the years since FeedMob was founded, but that does not make it less complicated. That is especially true for at-scale brands that are searching for new sources of traffic outside of their traditional channels. Different channels and partners work better with different attribution types — and frankly, it’s a lot to navigate for small user acquisition teams. If you want to learn more about the options available to you for growing your app outside of search and social media — and how FeedMob attributes those campaigns — reach out to set up a free consulting session.

Posted: July 12, 2022

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