Mobile Performance Trends Outside of Search and Social: Before and After ATT

June 16, 2022

The past couple of years have been challenging for mobile marketers. Between the pandemic and the introduction of App Tracking Transparency, mobile UA teams have had a lot to contend with. At FeedMob, the challenges of ATT allowed us to help our clients find new paths of growth outside of traditional search and social channels — and now are excited to share what we’ve  learned over the past year with you and your team.

In our whitepaper, “Mobile Performance Trends Outside of Search and Social: Before and After ATT” we explore:

  • The spend and budget trends we have seen over the past year
  • Supply strategies leveraged across our client book post-ATT
  • Successful media mixes being leveraged by at-scale brands, and
  • A better understanding of how our performance team use market trends and data to determine next steps for clients

FeedMob clients are not following the same user acquisition marketing strategies as their competition; they are the biggest (if not the top–rated apps) in their verticals and need to forge new growth paths. No matter what vertical you operate in, there is a lot you can learn from our data and the client strategies we employ to find new routes to success.

“Everyone is going to max out of the search and social channels eventually — and eventually these clients adopt a diversified spend strategy. You can’t hit your goals just running on one or two channels.”

Eric Willner, Director of Growth

Download “Before and After ATT: Shifting Mobile Spend + Trends Outside of Search and Social in the Post-IDFA Era” to learn how media mixes are changing in the wake of ATT, how our clients are leveraging SKAN, and more.

Posted: June 16, 2022

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