Supply Outside of Paid Search and Social Media Explained

January 22, 2022

Traditionally, mobile user acquisition happens within the confines of paid search marketing and social media marketing. Small UA teams often don’t have the time or resources to expand beyond these traditional channels — but strategies that don’t look beyond the most competitive spaces on the web leave a lot of growth on the table. That’s where FeedMob comes in. Our team is made up of experts who understand how to find and scale new channels that drive conversions. 

The diversification of mobile advertising spending across a variety of channels has been paramount for many clients. As paid search and social media marketing channels show diminishing returns, we’ve seen shifts into OEM, O+O (owned and operated), and SDKs over the past several months. We work with a wide variety of partners to help clients find the best route to achieving their goals. The infographic below explains the media partners we commonly work with outside of traditional search and social, in addition to the pros and cons of each option.

Supply Types Outside of Traditional Search and Social



Programmatic Networks (DSPs) automate the buying and selling of mobile ad inventory, making it easier to buy audience segments across a wide variety of publishers.

Easy to target specific segments across a wide variety of publishers. Less potential for ad fraud.

Typically the most expensive option.

Incent/ Reward


Incent Ad Networks are ad platforms that sell incentivized inventory, where users are rewarded for completing an ad action.

Rewarded ads are increasingly popular among app users and require engagement.

Not all app types lend themselves to incentivized ads.

Media Buyer


Media Buyers purchase ad inventory directly from DSPs, exchanges, and individual websites.

Provide specialized insight and experience to find new sources of inventory.

Limited visibility into which publishers are driving installs.

Native Platform


Native Platforms sell native ad inventory, a form of paid media where the ad experience mimics the natural form and function of the mobile web page or app.

A non-disruptive ad experience draws in users. A wide variety of inventory across many platforms.

Some users consider these ads misleading.

Owned and Operated

O + O

Owned and Operated partners are direct app publishers that own and operate their properties/inventory.

Allows advertisers to be very targeted with their buys. In-app inventory allows for a wide variety of ad types. Clean and trusted traffic.

Reach is limited to the publisher’s network.



OEM/ Preload Networks have direct partnerships with cellular carriers and phone manufacturers that monetize their inventory via new device activations, push notifications, widgets, and pre-installed apps.

High-value, lower-cost approach allowing you to target specific devices and carriers.

Restricted to Android devices.

Pop Platform


Pop Platforms serve ads that open over an active window for a mobile user.

Highly visible and necessitates user interaction.

Users can find these ads intrusive, resulting in a bad UX. Low CVR. Advertisers could be hesitant to run this inventory.

SDK Network


SDK Networks connect advertisers with in-app inventory and provide engagement analytics where available.

In-app inventory allows for a wide variety of ad types and placements.

The majority of inventory is in gaming, making it difficult for non-gaming companies to complete on a performance basis.

Mobile Web


Mobile Web drives traffic to an advertiser’s website through a mobile web browser that includes a landing page optimized for a conversion event.

Allows apps to capture information before an install for remarketing. Reduces friction pre-install and diversifies away from app-based attribution.

Can add friction to the user journey if the goal is an install or in-app event.

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Posted: January 22, 2022

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