The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Owned and Operated (O+O) Media

March 5, 2024

Over the past few years, a move toward a more privacy-centric web has led to much discussion about the power of first-party data and a move back toward contextual advertising. While that can mean many things across the larger web, owned and operated (O+O) channels in the mobile space are at the top of the list for advertisers looking to provide contextually driven experiences powered by first-party data.

What is O+O?

O+O partners are direct app publishers that own and operate their properties and sell their own ad inventory. For example, Google owns and operates its apps that show users ads, but so do The New York Times and many gaming apps.

Pros and cons of O+O

Advertisers who choose to diversify their media mix to include O+O find that it allows them to be incredibly targeted with their buys. Again, this owes to the diversity of offerings as well as the rich first-party data that the app owners have. Meanwhile, in-app inventory allows for a wide variety of ad types, from banners to pop-ups to videos. Last but not least, O+O typically offers clean and trusted traffic, making it a safe buy for most brands.

On the flip side, the reach of any individual O+O channel is inherently limited to the publisher’s network. Depending on the size of that reach, it may or may not fit an individual app marketer’s needs.

Tips for being successful with O+O

Our data shows that O+O is among the most popular supply types for our clients. Why? In addition to the pros we listed above, the contextual nature of the experience allows advertisers to find new users when they are likely to take action. We have found that the contextuality of O+O is especially valuable for clients looking to expand into new markets or double down on user groups where internal data analysis finds high value.

Typically, O+O channels are SKAN compatible, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that pairing SKAN data and MMP data improves campaign outcomes. For this reason, we highly recommend running them alongside one another. And with that recommendation comes FeedMob’s hearty endorsement of O+O as a valuable supply type for advertisers who know who their users are and where to find them.

Want to learn about how O+O can be part of your media mix? Contact FeedMob today.

Posted: March 5, 2024

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