Achieving a 57% Incremental Lift in App Installs with FeedMob

August 28, 2023


Incrementality is a key metric that helps mobile app marketers understand how their campaigns are performing — but, historically, it’s also been elusive and hard to measure. Even the word “incrementality” obscures its own meaning. Generally, it refers to growth directly attributed to campaigns or other marketing efforts and helps marketers differentiate between organic growth and that which is driven by paid strategies. When budgets are tight, marketers often focus more closely on the incremental impact of campaigns to justify spending.


When a client started asking the FeedMob team about incrementality, we decided to test this metric by pausing all of our campaigns for the client. After just 48 hours, we saw such positive results that FeedMob reactivated the client’s campaigns. While FeedMob’s impact on installs was immediately obvious, there was still the challenge of calculating incrementality — luckily, there’s a formula for that.

(Test Conversion Rate – Control Conversion Rate) / (Control Conversion Rate) x 100 = Incrementality

Impact and Results

After pausing campaigns in our holdout test, the client’s paid installs dropped by 94%. Interestingly, we also saw organic installs drop during the holdout test. On a normal day, when this client runs its FeedMob campaigns, it can expect to see a 57% incremental lift in installs.

Incrementality with FeedMob

Graph showing the incrementality with FeedMob campaigns


Incremental lift with FeedMob

94% Drop

In installs after pausing FeedMob in holdout test

FeedMob reactivated within 48 hours due to such positive results

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