FinTech cost savings with DSPs

September 19, 2022


A FinTech client focused on helping users consolidate and pay off debt wanted to achieve incremental growth; the client previously paused all mobile growth efforts for nine months. Their team found mobile web to be a valuable and wanted expansion in this channel. Additionally, the client needed assistance identifying and managing new mobile partners. This made FeedMob a perfect fit for the company’s needs.


In March, the FeedMob team began by testing a variety of channels on both iOS and Android to identify the partners that could achieve the client’s desired goal of acquiring new eligible users. With this in mind, FeedMob tested direct publishers, email banner placements, and DSPs. This initial testing phase had the heaviest load of non-DSP partners, resulting in the highest campaign CPA — nearly $200 per action.

In April, we adjusted based on our learnings and decreased the number of non-DSPs partners and spend, which helped drop the CPA by 26%. We took this a step further in May to continue optimizing, dropping the number of non-DSP partners to just one. This change dropped the overall CPA by 11.5% more, down to about $120.

We continued to test partners, adding and dropping non-DSP partners as needed to hit the optimal mix for this FinTech client. We removed site IDs with high CAC (customer acquisition costs) and adjusted partner rates to achieve the overall client CAC goal. Our design team was also able to provide creatives that helped us — and the client — meet our goals.


From March to July, CPA dropped by 36%. Ultimately, through partner testing and rate optimization, FeedMob was able to meet the client’s eligible user CAC and deliver users who were able to pay off their debt faster.

Change in CPA Over Time

Change in CPA over 5 months
36 percent overall drop in CPA

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