How anti-fraud tools helped an entertainment app achieve growth

September 21, 2020


A well-known entertainment app uncovered rampant fraud which limited their confidence in testing new channels. After consulting with FeedMob, our team audited their data and identified what behavior correlated with fraud by leveraging additional insights from our internal anti-fraud and performance tools.

Music app showing growth.

After testing performance campaigns for several weeks, the FeedMob team identified purchasing patterns that fit criteria matching highly fraudulent inventory. These patterns were reported to the client, developing a due diligence framework for campaigns moving forward. The team also reported and observed renewal rates, retention, and conversion metrics to improve overall trial-to-paid user percentages.

From there, FeedMob continued to test various partners, finding and scaling campaigns from sources that sent normal behavioral data resulting in true user growth.



Increase in new trials


Conversion increase

Graph showing new trial growth.


Our entertainment client was able to successfully grow their user base and achieve their goals, while still performing proper due diligence against their campaigns. FeedMob’s performance team and expertise in testing and supply aggregation from 300+ sources has empowered large brands around the world to protect themselves from fraud and continuously achieve growth.

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