How FeedMob scaled zip code targeting for a food delivery client

April 20, 2022

Location. Location. Location. It’s not just important in real estate — it’s key for food delivery apps. Targeting users by their zip code allows food delivery apps to find users in the right location — but it can sometimes be a bottleneck for apps looking to scale their marketing efforts. After all, each zip code has a limited number of users to target. Combine that narrow funnel with a limited number of partners who can target this way and scale becomes a challenge. That was exactly the problem one of FeedMob’s food delivery app clients was running into. Our team of seasoned professionals got creative to find new ways to drive growth with the client’s goals in mind.

Removing bottlenecks to scale growth

FeedMob assessed what inventory would satisfy the client’s requirements, and settled on DSP traffic as they offer zip code targeting without complications. With a suppression list in hand, and VTA enabled, our team ran two cost models (CPI and CPM) to get learnings for future opportunities. We launched the campaign on December 1, 2021, with impressive results.

High ROAS with quality users

Zip code targeting achieved the desired results — allowing the food delivery client to have region-specific performance insight. In January of 2022, FeedMob managed to scale DSP partner spending for this client 135% MoM from December, and we expect this spending to keep growing.

More significantly, our ROAS (return on ad spend) from the DSP partners was +120%. This tells us that we are finding high-quality users. Mixing high-quality users from DSPs allows us to blend premium users with low-cost users, bringing the overall quality of the campaign up — proving the importance of diversifying spending. Using this tactic as a way to diversify from other media partner categories was essential.


MoM Growth



Additionally, the FeedMob team was able to gain learnings regarding how to set up and launch DSP partners, which we can now apply to new clients.

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