Grow your food delivery app outside of search and social

August 14, 2020


A large food delivery client had diminishing returns on their performance campaigns but were concerned about transparency issues in the affiliate space. They were skeptical of FeedMob’s ability to drive value, and opted to test the team before retaining ongoing services.

Food delivery app scaling to more users.


After consulting with the client on a preliminary media plan, FeedMob spent two weeks testing 10 prospective media partners that were carefully selected from over 300 sources. They created a vendor score card that displayed granular performance results. FeedMob shared routine insights with the client; the account management team went into deep dives, delivering sub-ID information, rejection rates and proactive make goods.

MUA marketers working on a growth plan.

As a result, FeedMob was retained over several years by this client for mobile performance campaign services. Our team sent weekly insights reporting, provided vendor score cards and quarterly business reviews for the client.


40,000 Additional users

$10K Make goods delivered monthly

<$100 CPA goal met

5,000+ Fraudulent installs blocked


FeedMob successfully achieved their client’s goal to drive growth outside of traditional channels. By leveraging their expertise in testing, in-house technology team, and supply aggregation from 300+ sources, FeedMob has been able to successfully scale some of the largest brands in the world.

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