Improving campaign efficiency in the face of meteoric Fintech growth

May 13, 2021


The international pandemic has uniquely positioned FinTech apps to target new users due to a surge of investing and banking activity. Because of this, FeedMob’s FinTech client faced a unique volume challenge. FeedMob’s goal was to address bandwidth and efficiency issues that were a result of the app’s extreme scale and market saturation.

FeedMob identified suspicious data patterns through their proprietary anti-fraud tools and consulted with the client to increase efficiency for the team. Bot traffic, unusually high installs as well as zero post-install activity were immediately identified and a workflow was built to address problems in real time.

Fig 1 is an example of one of many suspicious data sets.

Example of a suspicious data set


Optimization Methods
The client was scaling rapidly and did not have the bandwidth, expertise, and fraud tools to address over saturation. FeedMob leveraged proprietary tools to customize optimization methods. These methods, coupled with real time anti-fraud data, ensured our FinTech client was in control and scaling responsibly.

Volume and Bandwidth
Because of the surge in volume, FeedMob actively flagged any items that went under the radar, providing insights, analysis, and immediate course correction.



Spend saved




Installs per day


COVID-19 has given some apps a large growth opportunity. These opportunities go hand-in-hand with an increase in fraud. Teams experiencing an uptick in volume also experience resource restraints in their ability to vet campaigns safely and efficiently. FeedMob has consulted, planned, scaled, and de-risked a number of fortune 500 app campaigns, allowing them to achieve their goals effectively.

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