Scaling UA for a health and wellness app through mobile web

August 10, 2021


Our large health and wellness client sought growth outside of their traditional media channels. Their team typically used native ad platforms to achieve branding and performance goals. However, they found that testing native ads by themselves resulted in negative ROAS; CPC models were costly and conversion rates were low.

FeedMob evaluated their performance goals and provided strategic guidance around pricing and creatives. The client preferred to drive users to their website instead of the app store to avoid any transaction fees. Based on these requirements, FeedMob leveraged their in-house mobile web tracking tool and provided a customized integration for our client’s tracking partner. As a result, FeedMob’s analytics platform received and displayed data for optimization purposes. The charts below summarize performance.

Graph showing increasing installs from May 2020 to July 2020.


To increase mobile website speed, FeedMob’s engineering team custom-coded the tracking pixel to integrate with our client’s third-party tracking vendor. We also worked closely with their web-tracking solution partner to capture accurate data and attribution metrics.

FeedMob launched the campaigns from the end of May through June for initial data. Our team tested several partner sources, coupling this with various creative and headline a/b testing. Once winning partners and components were identified, FeedMob ran the campaigns from June through mid-July.



Conversion increase


Mobile web sign-up increase


FeedMob successfully achieved their client’s goal of driving growth outside of traditional channels. By leveraging their expertise in testing, in-house technology team, and supply aggregation from 300+ sources, FeedMob has been able to successfully scale some of the largest brands in the world.

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