Diversifying and scaling with Mobile Web Incent campaigns

February 2, 2023


For one global app looking to diversify its media mix and continue to scale its user acquisition spending, a familiar — but newly popular — supply type turned out to be the key to success. In the wake of IDFA deprecation, many FeedMob clients are renewing their interest in Mobile Web Campaigns. No matter your vertical, with the increased scrutiny in a post-ATT ecosystem, mobile web promises to remain a strong vehicle for growth.


Incent was already delivering impressive results for our client. With this in mind, we advised continuing to explore new inventory, namely testing Mobile Web Incent. Not only did we believe this strategy would work well for the client, but we also realized that the App Store and Play Store Service fees would no longer be a factor with a web user flow — leading to more efficient media buying.

It’s also important to note other Incent inventory tends to skew toward Android, but mobile web campaigns are not only iOS-friendly, they continue to be attributable even without IDFA. To see this through, FeedMob implemented our web pixel on the client’s website which allowed us to track post-install events through the user flow.

Impact and Results

FeedMob’s internal dashboard seamlessly ingests user data from the client’s website, allowing us to track performance and make changes aligned with client goals as the campaign generates actionable data.

Over the first six months of the campaign, FeedMob scaled this channel to six figures, comprising 20% of our overall spend for the client. Additionally, the mobile web campaigns experienced click-to-event conversion rates 365% greater than traditional app incent traffic.


of client’s spend is with
Mobile Web


conversion Increase

Opening up mobile web inventory also allowed FeedMob to test a wider range of web-based partners. Our tools allow us to test partners on the web channel, saving costs for our clients in the long run.

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