How a keyword incent campaign drove installs + boosted ASO for a major global app

December 19, 2022

Learning how to drive installs and boost ASO with a keyword incentive campaign has been a valuable strategy leveraged by FeedMob clients during key campaign seasons. When a popular app approached FeedMob with a request to run a keyword incent campaign, we were ready to help the client hit their goals using this methodology.

During the client’s peak campaign season, FeedMob ran an offer wall urging potential users to go to the App Store using specific keywords to find the app. In return, they were rewarded with in-app currency. This drives user acquisition in addition to the app’s ranking for that keyword resulting in a domino effect of boosting organic conversions.

This was easier said than done, as most of our partners were unfamiliar with this tactic and simply did not know how to run the campaign. To overcome this hurdle, we shared our own learnings and user-flow videos to train and onboard our partners. As a result, several who own or have access to offer wall inventory were able to adapt and run the campaign for us.

How to set up a keyword incentive campaign

The hardest part about executing a keyword incentive campaign is setting it up and finding partners who can make it happen. Here is how we did it:

The outcome

Ultimately, the campaign was successful enough that the client asked to run it again for the next major campaign season and even pushed to make it an ongoing campaign throughout the year. In a week, our client increased their search ranking in the Google Play store for one keyword from 4th to 1st, as well as another highly competitive keyword from 39th to 8th in the iOS App Store. The campaigns had the added impact of boosting the app’s ranking in their respective category on iOS from 2nd to 1st, and Android from 3rd to 1st.


Google Play Store search ranking


App Category iOS & Android

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