Finding High ROAS Sports Betting Users Outside of Search and Social

November 15, 2022

Every app wants high-value users. That’s especially true for apps where in-app spending is the tent pole holding up the app’s monetization strategy. Whether it’s an e-commerce app or sports betting, users willing to open up their wallets and spend are the goal — but finding them isn’t always easy and is seldom inexpensive.

One sports betting client ran into this challenge when trying to find users with a high return on ad spend (ROAS). Premium partners typically charge hundreds of dollars more per acquisition than other partners but are often the best place to find high-value users. Unfortunately, testing partners to find the most effective — and cost-efficient — can be time-consuming and beyond the capabilities of small user acquisition teams.

This sports betting app turned to FeedMob for help testing new partners. On top of the ROAS challenge, the client saw high fraud rates and needed assistance attributing some supply categories. To learn more about how we helped solve these problems and drove down CPA costs 44.6% year over year, read our case study.

Piggy bank showing CPA cost savings.

Lower CPA YoY

Posted: November 15, 2022

Category: Mobile Insights Blog, Mobile Performance Strategies

Tags: acquisition, CPA, decrease CPA, lower CPA, scale

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