Q&A: Trends Influencing Mobile Performance Technology

February 24, 2022

At FeedMob, we are constantly building out new features and capabilities to better serve our clients. We sat down with Alyssa Wu, our partnerships and project management team lead, to talk about the trends influencing the decisions we’re making about how and where to enhance our capabilities — and to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming!

Q: FeedMob has several dashboard features. What tools are frequently used by our account managers to optimize performance for our clients?

A: At FeedMob, our goal is to be an extension of our client’s team. We aim to garner trust from our clients by scaling their growth in a sustainable manner; this includes meeting and exceeding performance goals while ensuring the integrity of our delivery. To that end, our campaign monitoring dashboards empower the FeedMob team to keep track of campaign performance as well as scale at several different levels. The daily delivery tool is more focused on the day to day delivery and trends. Pairing those with the KPI tool, we can closely track how the clients’ goals are met from the campaign level to the sub sources level. On an hourly basis we also provide distribution graphs to make sure any disruption or abnormal spikes are caught.

More recent additions to the tool suite we provide includes support for different pricing models such as CPMs. The new models stem from an addition of more types of inventory in our media mix (DSPs, etc.) and a need for experimentation on behalf of our clients. This allows for more types of inventory on the portfolio to grow further, or find the most appropriate supply where the audience matches the advertiser’s targeted audience best. We also enhanced the current tools for more detailed media planning and budget planning.

FeedMob's campaign monitoring dashboards.

Q: Which trends are shaping how the FeedMob product team thinks about new features and capabilities?
A: There are several trends that we are keeping our eye on, and building capabilities to handle. First and foremost our clientele has largely adopted MMP solutions for probabilistic modeling on iOS. Actually some key players that previously didn’t allow this for iOS campaigns are back on board. While we still believe SKAN is important, our vision is not limited to it. Better support for probabilistic matching, inventories with first-party data, and mobile web campaigns are all worth our attention. With mobile web, we’ve built our own pixel to place on mobile web landing pages so that we can also attribute users onboarding via mobile web and desktop. Secondly, MMPs are playing a more proactive role in fraud detection. Even with certain concerns and challenges here and there, their decisions are accepted by all players in the ecosystem including both advertisers and networks and publishers. Third, we saw strong signs of advertisers looking to further diversify their portfolio in order to de-risk their growth from additional privacy changes coming down the pipeline. Lastly, rewarded/incentivized and OEM traffic is getting more interest in the post-IDFA world… and for good reason, since this type of traffic doesn’t rely heavily on identifiers.

FeedMob's product team strategizing about new features and capabilities.

Q: You’ve introduced new arbitrage features that allow for new cost modeling options. What does this mean for campaigns? 

A: Performance-based campaigns have always been our bread and butter. However, we do see the need to arbitrage more often when we work with some partners. That usually comes up when we try to unlock more premium traffic or less saturated and explored ones. So although pricing strategies may shift we know FeedMob is able and willing to take that risk as long as it serves our clients’ best interests. Then we find a way to build that into our system for a cleaner campaign monitoring workflow.

Q: Are there any other exciting projects you’re working on that you can tell us a little about?

A: Sure! There are quite a few interesting projects our team has been working on. The first one is supporting server to server calls so some of our premium partners can redirect users directly to the App Store or Google Play at the same time of sending the clicks to us to get registered with the MMPs — if they have this capacity within their tracking platform. That way we enhance the end user experience with a faster, more seamless user flow as well as preventing drop off and increasing stability. 

Another venture is to build out databases to store the optimization and make good information within our system. That way those historical data can potentially help with future decision making and building deeper supply partnership insights. It will also help streamline the internal workflow within the FeedMob team for data consistency as a part of on-going efforts to improve the service we provide to our clients. As a tech-driven agency, we always listen closely to what our clients and partners need in order to make their UA campaigns more efficient and fruitful.

Posted: February 24, 2022

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