We’re Heading to SKANATHON — Here’s What to Expect

December 1, 2023

For more than two years, we’ve been experimenting with SKAN, testing best practices, and learning how to work within App Tracking Transparency (ATT) confines. During that time, we’ve done our best to impart the wisdom we’ve gleaned to our clients — and a larger audience on our blog. But now we’re really taking our SKAN message to the masses at SKANATHON, December 5-6!

That’s right, FeedMob is teaming up with Singular — and over a dozen other industry experts — to help mobile performance marketers catch up with all things SKAN during a two-day event. I will participate in the first panel, “SKAN 3 Adoption and Best Practices,” with experts from Singular,  Unity, Smadex, Rocketship HQ, and A Thinking Ape.

In our session, we’ll cover how SKAN and our strategy have transformed since Apple started enforcing ATT, and clients began to rethink how they reach new users on iOS. At FeedMob, we researched and prepped for months before we lost IDFA, and SKAN became the new reality for iOS advertisers. We worked closely with MMPs to understand what options were still available in the days of advanced privacy and campaign-level attribution, which won’t likely be allowed when Privacy Manifests hit in Q2 2024.

As we move toward that next reality, the FeedMob team has been testing SKAN alongside MMP results and learning and developing a host of best practices. I’ll be talking about how we created that strategy across a wide variety of clients with different KPIs:

  1. Our first client made things easy on us by just tracking signups.
  1. Our second client challenged us a bit more, aiming for a specific KPI that only occurs at 45 days.
  1. Our third client focused on conversions after a 10-day trial.

Due to the constraints of SKAN and the lack of postbacks for some of these KPIs, we’ve had to be creative and learn how to work within the system’s confines. I can’t give away too much — you’ll have to tune in to learn how we used these case studies to learn more about SKAN and apply that knowledge across everything we do. Perhaps even more interesting than our successes will be the chance to reflect on early mistakes that have helped us be better partners for our clients.

Even if you can’t make it to the live event, be sure to register so you can watch the recording later.

Posted: December 1, 2023

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Vanessa Simmons Ad Operations Team Lead

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