Food Delivery App Decreases eCPA, CPI, and CAC with FeedMob

December 6, 2023


How does a significant player in the food-delivery vertical continue to find new users after it has maxed out its search and social marketing efforts? It’s a question FeedMob was prepared to answer when one of our clients came to us looking to improve its net new user acquisition efforts across global markets. To measure the success of the campaigns, we had to go beyond installs and look to first-purchase events.


To help our client, FeedMob’s team of user acquisition experts took on the job of identifying, onboarding and managing dozens of new global partnerships required to find the right media mix outside of traditional channels, including new Owned and Operated (O&O), OEM,  and Incent media partners. Utilizing a wide variety of publisher sources allows FeedMob to adjust strategic investment in the partnerships that drive higher-quality results. We also worked closely with publishers to test a variety of creatives — rotating in new images, video assets, value proposition messaging, CTAs, and placement types to continually find efficiencies in delivery. Finally, the global nature of the campaign allowed us to shift investment across geographies according to performance.


We achieved a consistent reduction in the eCPA — dropping 66.17% over the course of Q3. Overall, FeedMob achieved a 77% reduction in CPI from July to September. More importantly to the client’s KPIs, FeedMob achieved a 63% reduction in CAC from July to August while simultaneously increasing overall first-purchase events by a scale of 6X.

Reduced CPA in Q3

Reduced CPI
July – September

Reduced CAC
July – August

Increased overall
first-purchase events

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