How to scale UA for a food delivery app

August 17, 2020


A large food delivery client had stagnated in their growth outcomes, consistently performing at CPA target. The client experienced diminishing returns using their traditional search and social channels and struggled to scale outside of them due to risk and bandwidth issues.

Delivery app growth

The client’s 4-person team had no time to manage affiliates, media buyers as well as owned and operated partners. All of this required managing expectations of transparency, time-consuming onboarding, and real-time dynamic rate adjustments. Our client wanted to buy aggressively but needed to test new markets they weren’t well known in, which required both research and optimization before scale could be achieved.

MUA marketers working on a growth plan.


FeedMob’s team tested and vetted 20+ media sources and reported results back to the client from top-performing partners across Android and iOS devices. FeedMob also a/b tested various markets and identified the winning cities during initial tests–all were optimized continuously.

In addition, FeedMob’s team was held accountable for end-to-end partner relations including onboarding, dynamic bidding, documentation review, and other responsibilities.



User increase

price tag


Savings increase


Completed action increase

price tag


Decrease in CPA target


FeedMob successfully achieved their client’s goal of driving growth outside of traditional channels. By leveraging their expertise in testing, in-house technology team, and supply aggregation from 300+ sources, FeedMob has been able to successfully scale the largest brands in the world.

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