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June 11, 2024

FeedMob and Samsung: FAQs

FeedMob’s exclusive partnership with Samsung provides advertisers with a gateway to one of the most valuable brands in the world. Advertisers can reach a highly sought-after audience through sponsored on-device push notifications and featured placement in Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Users must opt to receive promotions from Samsung, resulting in high engagement.

  1. How is this different from the Google Play Store?
    While both stores serve the purpose of distributing apps to Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Store is tailored specifically for Samsung devices, providing exclusive promotions and features that keep users coming back for more.
  1. How many people use the Galaxy Store?
    There are currently 117 million Samsung Galaxy devices in the U.S., which drives 35 million monthly active users to the Galaxy Store monthly.
  1. Is there an ASO component?
    Each app can choose five keywords to surface highest in search results for, however, there is no SEM component.
  1. How much volume of installs can I expect monthly?
    Through banner placements and push notifications, we can drive 75k-100k installs per app each month.
  1. How is it priced?
    Through the FeedMob partnership, we offer our clients the flexibility to pay on a CPI or CPA basis so you only pay for engagement with your app.
  1. What if a user already has the app installed on their phone?
    Samsung can remove existing users from targeting because they know which apps are on the phone. Samsung can also configure targeting to include users who already have the app if you prefer.
  1. How do we track performance?
    All ad performance is tracked with an MMP link. You will also have access to a Samsung portal showing you total download numbers.
  1. What data will my app share with Samsung?
    Because Samsung makes the device, they know when a download of your app happens and do not need GAID or IP addresses from your MMP for attribution.
  1. What targeting capabilities are there? Device, demo, etc.
    By targeting Samsung users, you’re already reaching a targeted audience. Because pricing is based on CPI or CPA, advertisers only pay for users who are choosing to download your app.
  1. Is there a monthly minimum?
    We require a starting test budget of at least $20k to gather enough exposure to the Samsung audience and test the performance of this channel.
  1. Do I need to create a new APK?
    • The Galaxy Store can use your existing Google Play app as long as it doesn’t have in-app purchases with Google Play billing.
    • If your app has Google Play billing, you may use a web checkout option in your app for six months (no rev share).
    • After six months, Samsung will need your app to integrate Samsung IAP where 10% of IAP revenue goes to Samsung.
  1. If I use the same APK as Google, will it impact attribution in other channels?
    Because Samsung tracks paid installs with an MMP link, the channel is attributed just like any other advertising channel.
  1. How do I get my app into the Galaxy store?
    • FeedMob can add your app to the Galaxy Store without any technical resources needed from your end. We use your most up-to-date APK, imagery, and copy from the Google Play store to add your app to the Galaxy Store.
    • You will need to create an account in the Samsung Seller Portal. Once that’s complete, notify FeedMob of your account name and we can secure commercial seller status.
    • Next, you will need to add your FeedMob rep as an account manager.
      • In the Samsung Seller Portal: Assistance -> Manager Accounts > Invite a new manager and provide access to applications, statistics, and promotion.
  1. How do I manage updates to the app?
    • FeedMob enables real-time alerts to notify our team of any app updates to your Google Play listing. Once notified, we’re able to update your app in the Galaxy Store in minutes.

This FAQ section will be continuously updated with other applicable information for our clients. Have specific questions you’d like our team to answer? Contact us below.

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