How to Decrease CPAs with DSP Traffic

September 20, 2022

According to some estimates in 2022, the fintech space is worth $179 billion — but there are also about 30,000 fintech startups vying for those funds. Luckily, FinTech is a diverse and vibrant space, and each app has slightly different goals. From simple payment apps to companies that help people pay down their debts faster, each company has a strategy to match its growth goals and find the right audience.

One of our FinTech clients wanted to achieve incremental growth for its mobile app after pausing all mobile growth efforts for nine long months. After having some success with mobile web, the client wanted to expand their efforts but needed assistance identifying and managing new media partners.

We started testing direct publishers, email banner placements, and DSPs. Gradually — through extensive testing — we moved to more DSP traffic, eliminating channels that did not help us meet the client goals. It was a challenge that FeedMob is uniquely qualified for, as our tech-driven agency model allows us to pair the convenience of technology with expert human-driven insights.

To learn how we dropped the client’s CPA by 36% while also increasing the conversion rate, read the full case study.

Posted: September 20, 2022

Category: Mobile Insights Blog, Mobile Performance Strategies


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