Mobile User Acquisition Spending Shifts to Android Post-ATT

August 24, 2021

Apple’s decision to deprecate IDFA in favor of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) has driven many mobile marketers to shift their mobile user acquisition budgets to Android. We have seen this trend play out among our clients.

According to Eric Willner, FeedMob’s Strategic Account Director, “Prior to ATT, most clients were prioritizing iOS over Android, however, post ATT we have seen a substantial increase in Android spend since delivery is more easily tracked and consistent with how our clients monitor their internal performance.”

Just as in the general market, we’ve observed a large overall shift into Android spend across our clients in addition to a 31% increase in CPI rates since April. The table below illustrates the shift in spending since ATT was officially launched.

Total Android spend vs iOS spend.

Since March 2020, FeedMob’s SKAN tests have produced an average of .02% conversion rate across all client tests but we are continuing to test various types of strategic partners. Our testing with partners under AppsFlyer’s AAP mode has been successful; all clients leveraging their tools have continued with business as usual and we’ve seen conversion rates similar to those shown prior to the ATT mandate.

However, advertisers cannot realistically ignore iOS forever. “While SKAN targeting isn’t currently widely adopted across our clients,” says Eric, “we are working with several of them to test this inventory since there is a potential future in which SKAN becomes the sole attribution method on iOS.”

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Posted: August 24, 2021

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