June 11, 2024 Samsung FAQ Page

FeedMob and Samsung: FAQs FeedMob’s exclusive partnership with Samsung provides advertisers with a gateway to one of the most valuable brands in the world. Advertisers can reach a highly sought-after audience through sponsored on-device push notifications and featured placement in Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Users must opt-in to receive promotions from Samsung, resulting in high engagement. This FAQ section will be continuously updated with other applicable information for our clients. Have specific questions you’d like our

May 15, 2024 Proving Incrementality for a Popular FinTech App

Overview Acquiring new users is a typical objective for mobile marketers; however, proving incrementality across a new supply category can be challenging. A popular FinTech app was interested in FeedMob’s exclusive partnership with Samsung, as the UA team needed users to not only install the app but also meet key retention goals. This client was having issues identifying marketing channels that could deliver scale, incrementality, and meet retention cost per acquisition (CPA) targets effectively. Approach

April 9, 2024 The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Incent Campaigns

Dive into the details of Rewarded Play to learn how to enhance your app’s retention rates.

December 18, 2023 How to Lower CPA

Learn how to lower CPA with a diverse media mix and expert help from UA professionals.

February 2, 2023 Diversifying and scaling with Mobile Web Incent campaigns

Overview For one global app looking to diversify its media mix and continue to scale its user acquisition spending, a familiar — but newly popular — supply type turned out to be the key to success. In the wake of IDFA deprecation, many FeedMob clients are renewing their interest in Mobile Web Campaigns. No matter your vertical, with the increased scrutiny in a post-ATT ecosystem, mobile web promises to remain a strong vehicle for growth.

January 3, 2023 How to find premium users while driving down CPA

Overview In a quest to find greater scale and achieve a more diversified portfolio — including premium partners — a well-known app turned to FeedMob for help. This client understood the challenges of working with premium partners, especially around CPA. Premium partners typically charge hundreds of dollars more per acquisition than other partners. Consequently, the client needed help testing new supply to find the most cost-effective partners. Additionally, in the wake of SKAN, the client

December 19, 2022 How FeedMob helped a large brand’s app scale with new inventory sources

Overview To find scale, performance marketing teams at well-known brands typically need to arduously search for users in new inventory sources outside of major channels. This was the case for a well-known client who provides convenient services to customers, with features competitive to peer apps in their market sector. Approach To find specific users for the app’s ideal target audience, FeedMob integrated this client into new sources of inventory, focusing specifically on scaling carrier and

December 19, 2022 How a keyword incent campaign drove installs + boosted ASO for a major global app

Learning how to drive installs and boost ASO with a keyword incentive campaign has been a valuable strategy leveraged by FeedMob clients during key campaign seasons. When a popular app approached FeedMob with a request to run a keyword incent campaign, we were ready to help the client hit their goals using this methodology. During the client’s peak campaign season, FeedMob ran an offer wall urging potential users to go to the App Store using

December 19, 2022 Increased cost savings with DSPs for a large global brand

Overview A large brand experiencing diminishing returns in traditional search and social channels wanted to achieve incremental growth; the client previously paused all mobile growth efforts for nine months. Their team found mobile web to be valuable and wanted expansion in this channel. Additionally, the client needed assistance identifying and managing new mobile partners. This made FeedMob a perfect fit for the company’s needs. Approach In March, the FeedMob team began by testing a variety

November 10, 2022 How FeedMob scaled zip code targeting for a large global app

Location. Location. Location. It’s not just important in real estate — it’s key for many marquee apps. Targeting users by their zip code allows apps to find users in ideal locations — but it can sometimes be a bottleneck for apps looking to scale their marketing efforts. After all, each zip code has a limited number of users to target. Combining that narrow funnel with a limited number of partners who can target this way

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